Saved By Grace

Saved By Grace

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Vacation 2012

Sunday, July 8:
Cheri and I, along with Max and Debbie Carlisle, and Haley Wedel left Fairview headed to Honey Creek resort in Grove, Oklahoma. We were meeting the Webb’s at Grove, but this year our daughter Whitney didn’t get to go and the Willits’s did not get to go.  The skies were overcast and occasionally leaking a few scattered raindrops. We had perfect weather for a leisurely drive. For most of the many years that Cheri and I made this trip, I was driving my pickup and pulling our pontoon boat. Sometimes there were even a couple of stand up jet skis strapped on. The boat was loaded with wake boards, trick skis, air chair, fishing poles, air mattresses and lawn chairs. We used to play hard and then go to the dock and rest before moving on to a different activity. I'll have those memories forever.

Last year we made the trip to Grand Lake, but my health was not good. I was miserable 90% the time and I'm sure that affected everyone else in our group. I'm in much better health this year and I am determined to enjoy every possible minute of this vacation.

Unlike the past, Cheri is the driver and I ride shotgun. I've seen things today that I never saw when my attention was focused on the road. It was a much more leisurely drive. I will elaborate some other time about each day of the vacation, but today I want everyone to know that I enjoyed each and every minute of my 2012 vacation at Honey Creek resort. Honey Creek is a very special place with some very special people, but for the most part what makes for good times are the people that you are with.


Much love, Dennis


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    1. I knew I should have used a pseudonym. :}

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  2. You are right, I am horrified. The check is in the mail.