Saved By Grace

Saved By Grace

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Vacation Time

In my last post I talked in general about the bombing Memorial and our lunch at a well-known and highly recommended restaurant. Today I'm going to give some specifics and I know that some will say or think that I am a religious fanatic or a holy roller, but believe there is a God in heaven and there is Satan and evil that oppose anything good here on earth. He tried to steal our joy, but it did not work!

First of all we had planned on going to OKC Monday or Tuesday. The weather outlook was not in our favor, so we decided to shoot for Thursday. Once again last-minute changes, but Friday morning we loaded up with the many essentials that I have to travel with. We were still in the driveway when my pacer battery alarm went off. Normally the first warning gives you six hours until the second warning and after the second warning  2-4 hours before it runs out and quits. (Meaning no stimulation to my diaphragm). We always carry a second pacer with a new battery and a spare battery in my backpack. Therefore we weren't too concerned about the alarm.
We met with Rubena  (family friend) and went to the restaurant. Cheri's mother was staying the weekend with her.
You have seen the ADA ramp, actually it was not a problem for me. We were seated and had a super nice waitress take care of us. We all ordered and the food arrived quickly. Cheri and I were anxious to get to the museum, so we skipped the coconut cream pie,
however Cheri's mother decided that she needed to try it. To make a long story short, she had a bout with food poisoning for about six hours. I'm so glad we skipped dessert.
Once we arrived at the museum, we unloaded the essentials and stored the extra pacer in a secure spot. The inside of the Memorial starts on the third floor and you navigate down through the second floor. There are many hours worth of exhibits. We went through the third floor, took the elevator to the second floor and my pacer alarm went off. No big deal, we've got several hours to view the rest of the Memorial before getting to the van and changing it out for the new pacer. 10 minutes later the alarm sounded. We stopped at a spot where Cheri could sit down and just change out the battery with the spare. Spare was changed and immediately the alarm went off…battery dead. I'm able to breathe on my own for a few minutes, so battery changes are not a big deal. She put the old battery back in and headed for the van.

 Once we were at the van Cheri discovered that she did not have the keys. Fortunately we always have a spare key on the van for just such emergencies. We surmised that when she was changing out the batteries on the second floor that the car keys were misplaced on the bench. We did get in the van, started it up and replaced the entire pacer with the spare. Once she retrieved the spare pacer, the keys were laying near it. PTL 
I'm sure I left out a few details, but throughout this whole ordeal neither Cheri or I lost our cool and allowed Satan to steal the joy of each moment. The only drawback is at some time we will need to return to finish our tour.
Much Love, Dennis

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial

I've had a very eventful week. My plans have changed nearly every day, but Cheri and I still enjoyed having the week together. Most of the time just doing "stuff". Friday we ended up at the OKC Bombing Memorial. She is writing about that on her blog. I'm going to make a link so you can get her perspective.

 Satan loves to steal joy. I know from experience. I'm sure that he is going to be tired and frustrated soon, because what used to work doesn't work anymore. I am an over comer and I overcome all evil but the blood of the lamb, Jesus, and the word of my testimony.

We had a great time in spite of several small bumps and made it home safely.
We ate lunch at a restaurant that has been in Del City for a long time. I could tell by the new concrete that they had just recently complied with some ADA regulations. I noticed this on the way in and I'm glad that I didn't have to rely upon this handrail for support.
Did you notice the duct tape holding the rail to the bottom pole?

Much love, Dennis

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy!

It's been a while since my last post, but that is because I have been busy. First of all, three of the four antibiotics have been extended for another two weeks. No complaints will be forthcoming, only positive words and expectations. I'm still practicing and learning the Pool Studios software. I've got the basics down, but there are some hurdles to overcome due to the way I operate this computer.

I am preparing for a couple of doors that had been opened for me to speak about my faith.

This week Cheri is off for vacation and we had plans for a couple of day trips. The weather has altered our plans somewhat, but we have been on the road every day except today.
Tomorrow we will probably go to OKC and see the Bombing Memorial, I have never been there.

Here is a picture of a freestyle ramp owned by a friend of mine, Kenny Bartram.

Over last weekend, I tried out some software similar to Photoshop. Here are a few of my artistic renderings.

 This picture of a riding buddy, Brett Cue and myself

Much love, Dennis

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Last Sunday was my daughter's wedding shower. It seems like just a year or two ago that I was having her tag along with me, teaching her the things that I thought would give her independence. I didn't want her to be helpless when she had a flat tire on her bicycle or on her car later on. She always was a little bit of a tomboy, but I didn't want her to be a stranger to wrenches, screwdrivers, and hammers. I played basketball 2 - 3 times a week, and she went with me starting at an early age. I wanted to give her every advantage when it came to playing a sport that I loved. She learned how to use her skills to her advantage when playing against guys/men who were taller, stronger, and many times, quicker that her. She'll never know how my spirit lit up when I would see her pump-fake a guy and then drive around him for a open shot. I know that, that skill will not benefit her in the years to come, but the confidence that she learned should be an asset for the rest of her life.

 I remember a time when her lawnmower would not start and she called me for advice. Within 15 min. she had successfully removed water from the carburetor and her mower was running.
Don't misunderstand me, my wife and I did not raise a boy, but a beautiful young woman who knows how to jump start a car. 

She had a wonderful time at the wedding shower and was truly blessed with many wonderful gifts. I thank God for Whitney and I pray that God will continue to bless her and her husband Nick.

Marriage is a mutual relationship if both parties know when to be mute.

Much love, Dennis

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Answered Prayers

I received my last antibiotic injection today and will finish the other three oral doses by tonight. I was told that these would cause me agony and distress throughout the 14 day period. God is good! My stance and Your prayers have been answered by the Lord. There have been no side effects and I'm certain that God has more restoration for me in the near future.Thank you for your prayers (past & future) and most of all~~THANK YOU JESUS.

The blind man is here

A Nun was taking a shower one day and she heard the door bell ring, she yelled "Who is it?"

And the person ringing the door bell yelled, "I'm the blind man."

So the Nun got out of the shower and wrapped her hair in a towel, she didn't bother putting a towel around herself because the person behind the door was blind.

She opened the door and said, "What do you want?", and the man said, "I'm here to check your blinds."

Much Love, Dennis