Saved By Grace

Saved By Grace

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Testimony of a Good Friend

I have a friend who has a very compelling testimony about her salvation experience. She was raised in a very loving home, but not a Christian home. Her mother became very ill from cancer. While she was in the hospital, a woman approached her and her family and asked if she could pray with them. Her father said, "we don't do that". Her mother, Sue Ellen passed away soon after that. An avid reader, she came across the series Left Behind. It was intriguing and interesting to her. She soon began attending church services at Emmanuel  Baptist Church in Enid. Feeling a little uncomfortable she would always sit in the balcony. During one particular service she became overcome with emotion and begin to weep almost uncontrollably. An older lady approached her and begin to comfort her with words and hugs. After she settled down somewhat the lady told her that she would be there to help her any time that she needed it, and her name was Sue Ellen. To this point we have never found a woman in that church that was named Sue Ellen.
Today my friend and her entire family are members of God's kingdom and have all been baptized.
I truly believe that God sent an angel (Sue Ellen) to comfort and guide my friend, resulting in salvation for an entire family.

Jaris' son, Brett is a professional motocrosser racer/ambassador. He works for - a large motorcycle superstore in Portland Oregon. 

He travels the nation representing the company with his positive attitude and friendly personality. He also volunteers at many FCA-MX (Fellowship of Christian Athletes-Motocross) events each year. At these events riders of all ages are coached by professional riders and presented the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I'm sure that Brett interacts with hundreds of people annually representing not only Motorsports, but Jesus.

Look back to Jaris, one person, influencing her son, he is an Ambassador for Christ to many.
My two cents is this, if you can reach one person, you could open the door for many.

Much love, Dennis

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