Saved By Grace

Saved By Grace

Thursday, July 10, 2014

An Unexpected Treasure

I received a DVD in the mail this week that was recorded in April of 2006. My accident was May 7, 2006. In this video I went out riding with 3 young men who were finishing their junior year in high school. The DVD was a school project for Jed Young. He needed to get video for a computer class.
Jed built a motocross track near his home and named it 358 motocross track because it was 3 miles from Highway 58. Kory Reimer shot the video, Jed and Corey Cofer were the other 2 riders. Corey is riding the orange KTM bike number 887. Jed is riding the blue Yamaha number 358, I am riding the red Honda wearing the black and white gear on number 365.
Yes, that is Brett Cue’s number. I just purchased the bike from him and had not changed the numbers, mainly because all the graphics were brand-new. Brett is very particular with his bikes. He had just bought a new 2006 CRF 450. I bought his old 2006 CRF 450. We spent 3 hours putting the forks, rear shock, rear wheel with brakes, , front wheel with brakes and several other pieces from the new bike onto the old bike. What a deal, other than the motor, most of the parts were brand-new.  :-)

If you'll look closely you will see a long black mullet hanging out the back of my helmet. (Not my real hair)
I raced some Arena Cross under the name "Joe Dirt". The long hair attached to the helmet drew attention away from how slow I actually was. Yes, I was am a goofball. We did some goon riding on the ramp and played around on a set of double doubles. Fortunately Brett’s old bike did not remember how to go upside down off of the ramp.

There's nothing like the feeling of hanging in the air and coming down to a smooth landing.
It was really neat seeing myself ride at a time that was close to my accident. Man, those were fun times.

Thanks Jed Young for the video and Corey and Kory for the invitation to ride that day. I can still remember grinning all of that afternoon.
Much Love, Dennis

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  1. I loved watching the video! What a great memory for you and a tribute to those boys who saw you as their mentor back in that day.