Saved By Grace

Saved By Grace

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Elf Bowling

Does anybody remember Elf Bowling? It came out in 1999 originally and several variations were soon to follow. It is still available online for free. I can remember playing it and laughing out loud at the different reactions that you would get from the elves. Yesterday, I learned about a new type of bowling. This bowling is done from a wheelchair and is the brainchild of William A. Miller. It's called an IkanBowler. Here is a link to his website

I learned about this from my wife. She has a blogger friend, Dana Brown Ritter who started a group on Facebook called "Love Like This Life Group". It is for SCI patients and their caregivers. I can tell after just two days it is going to be very informative and inspirational for everyone involved.

Now that I'm posting on this format I can now put videos right on with the text I thought it was time for the lawnmower. There was more video, but I managed to mess it up. When I get to the corners, I lift my legs causing the mower to raise up then I turn, lower the mower and take off again. Hope you enjoy it and be sure to check out Mr. Miller's bowler.

Much love, Dennis



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  1. One of my favorites of you of all times. I LOVE IT DENNIS