Saved By Grace

Saved By Grace

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mr Magoo

After my last post, I promised a lighthearted posting soon. This is something that I thought about several times, but never really felt a way to glue a few thoughts together. I drive a power chair and all of the controls are accessed by different movements of my head. Most of these are very slight and if you're not looking in the right spot you can't tell that I'm actually doing anything at all. A few months ago at St. Mary's Hospital in Enid I had the Dr. and two others "almost" convinced that the chair operated telepathically.  I just had to concentrate on what to do and it would do it. Others have asked me if I used the drinking straw as a control stick. In the pictures it near the left side of my mouth, and it is connected to a drinking cup behind me. They do actually make controls called-- Sip And Puff -- that will operate several different types of devices.

When all of the controls are set up just right, I can drive with precision. But just due to the nature of this set up, the controls are rarely perfect. That's when things can get interesting. There are places throughout our house where I have left my mark or marks because of less than adequate control. I have told Cheri that it is similar to the way our dogs mark their territory in the backyard, but with only visual marks. I'm not sure how many people actually know this, but I have even marked my spot in the sanctuary at our church, more than once.

I've noticed on television commercials that they sell brand-new furniture that is made to look old or weathered. I'm just trying to create that weathered look on a few things around the house.

Last week I thought of a comparison that might be a little funny to those who grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons in the 60's. Does anybody remember Mr. Magoo?

Much Love, Dennis

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  1. I'm laughing out loud my friend!!!! LOVE ya Dennis!!!!