Saved By Grace

Saved By Grace

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Cheri was on vacation this past week. We made several daily road trips so that we would always be back home in the evening. Our destinations included Watonga, Clinton, Enid, Oklahoma City and Dell City. We went to a Route 66 car museum in Clinton, antique stores, antique malls, and we also found time to check out some antique shops.
There were plans to make it to Elk City to check out another car museum. We had to bypass Elk City because of a couple of unscheduled stops. I think they were shops selling vintage items, I'm not certain because I was feeling a little woozy due to sensory overload. :-)

Actually, we had a enjoyable week. While in Oklahoma City Cheri wanted to stop at Garden Ridge. Just inside the front door three young ladies that we go to church with came up to me to say Hi. It's nice to see friends in places many miles from home. The aisles were wide and most places were easily accessible for me, however
    ["I am an excellent driver"]. (Movie reference)
We didn't stay very long but Cheri did find a picture frame that she liked.
While she was in line waiting to be checked out I drove near the exit. From behind me I could hear a little boy crying very loud. I turned to get a better view and saw a young boy probably about 6 years old and his mother who was dragging him towards the doors. He was still crying and I could now see that he was pointing at me. Before they made it through the automatic doors he exclaimed 3 times "BUT HE SCARED ME"  al the while using his other hand to point at me.

I normally have pretty thick skin when it comes to people staring or assuming that I can't hear when they speak about me. For some reason this time really got to me. I've never seen anyone that was truly afraid of me. When we got to the van, I ask Cheri if she had heard the little boy crying. She had, but it's not unusual for young kids to act up in public. I told her the story and that it was really troubling to me. My wife is very good about helping me to put things in their proper perspective.
She said that God has a plan for my life and that Satan would like to steal the Joy that is in me. I knew she was right and that I am responsible for who and what determines my attitude. Right then I decided to "Get over It". It wasn't an instantaneous process, but after sleeping on it, I am over it and it is just another funny circumstance for me to blog about. :-)
Much love, Dennis


  1. You scare me too. :)
    Eva drags me to many antique stores also. If I'm tired of them, I find a place to sit or just stay in the car. I finally found a way to actually enjoy a trip to the antique store.
    A few years ago, I was joking with my daughter in law, Cristi. She asked what antiques I collected besides cars. I told her "Scottie Dogs". It became a family joke but now whenever we go to an antiques store, I make it a point to find all the Scottie Dogs I can find. I can always find a few but never buy any. This activity has made me slow down and actually take a look around and I find and see many interesting things (I still never buy anything). I guess it is my way of coping with this required activity.

  2. An inspiration, as always. :) Dustin.