Saved By Grace

Saved By Grace

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Dr. Frank Crowe

A good friend of mine Dr. Frank Crowe changed his address earlier this week.   He passed away quietly in peace at his home on Sunday.  I didn't know him very well other than a couple of visits shortly after he began practicing in Fairview. I actually don't even remember why.
 When my circumstances changed due to my accident I spent 60 days in Houston. During that time my mother and friends established a Care Pages account that allowed updates on my condition and permitted others to leave messages for my mother, Cheri and I who were many miles from home. Dr. Crowe and his staff left several messages. They were always compassionate with a genuine feel of warmth and love.

When I received this computer it enabled me to read and post on Care Pages and set up a Facebook account. It wasn't long before Dr. Crowe and I became friends online. Dr. Crowe soon became my good friend Frank Crowe.

Frank was a master of the art of laughter. He always had the best one-liners and comebacks along with posting of other funny material. Whenever I see something related to Walmart, I have to smile. If you were friends with him on Facebook you know why.

 Frank and I grew closer through private messages. We talked about faith and prayers.

He was not without problems of his own, but I don't remember him ever mentioning it. There were several occasions when you knew things were not well with him because he was a daily fixture on Facebook. He has moved on, but will not be forgotten. I look forward to greeting him in heaven.
Much love, Dennis

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  1. You are exactly right about Doc. He was a great guy with a keen wit. I loved joking with him because he always "got it". He was an excellent doctor and understood the human body. He will be missed, but I bet he and his former neighbor, my Grandma Minnie are having a good laugh together right now. See you later, Doc.