Saved By Grace

Saved By Grace

Friday, October 26, 2012


Sometimes, when it seems like I'm ready for the rapture, God reminds me that I'm still here on this Earth for a reason. I received a telephone call from a former coworker, just to check up on me. I was on speakerphone with Tim and his wife. I haven't talked to Tim in several months. It was just a reminder that even though I don't see a lot of different people, I have not been forgotten.

I made a new friend last week. While Cheri was mowing the lawn I was cruising around the driveway and the front yard, 2 gradeschool girls stopped in to visit me. I recognized one neighborhood girl right away, knowing her mother and father. The other girl also lived down the street, but was fairly new to the neighborhood. We talked about their schoolteachers, their principal, and one of their favorite teachers, Mrs. Redinger. Mrs. Redinger also happens to be married to our preacher Rich. Since it's hard for me to be a wallflower, one of them remembered seeing me at church on a Wednesday evening. I've seen them riding up and down the street most every evening, and when they see me they wave. Just a few minutes ago our doorbell rang and one of the girls brought me a flower. I'm normally not an overly emotional guy, but that was very touching.

It's awesome the way that God knows how to encourage me when I need it. The Word (Romans 8: 26-39) says that it is God who causes all things to work together for good, to those of us who love him and who are called according to his purpose.

Much love, Dennis


  1. Dennis, you have so many beautiful people in your life..........Why? Because you deserve them. You and Cheri are such a blessing to me, I so look forward to your blog and Cheri's posts on Facebook. Thank you for sharing.

    Love and prayers.


  2. I was touched by your post today Dennis. I send you a great big hug.

  3. I love giving you a hard time Dennis, but honestly you encourage so many people I love that sometimes you also get a little encouragement back.