Saved By Grace

Saved By Grace

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The favor of God

I've been spending time reading and listening to teaching concerning "the favor of God". Basically Romans 4. Abraham believed what God told him concerning his children, even though he and Sarah were both past the normal age of childbirth. God told him that his offspring would also receive favor, not only those who were of the law (legally of the same bloodline) but also those of us who believe as Abraham believes. You'll probably have to read Romans 4 to follow my train of thought.

The reason for this is because of the many times that I have prayed for others and myself to receive favor here on earth. I can't testify for others specifically, but I can tell you about a particular set of circumstances that I'm going through.

I am seeing Dr. Charles Shields concerning the pain in my abdomen. I have seen him before, but it's been several years and that was for my neck. About three months ago one of my doctors referred me to him and at that time there was no clear diagnosis for the source of my pain. I met with him and after 20 min. of discussion he said he really could not do anything until a couple of the things were ruled out. He told me that it was good to see me again and that there would be no charge because he considered this to be just a reunion of a couple of friends. What a guy!

After  other organs were ruled out I was once again referred to Dr. Shields. His schedule was full for over a month, but he overheard his receptionist mention my name and came to the phone to talk with my dad. After a short discussion, my dad said that sounds great, we will see you then. He had agreed to meet me later that week after hours. Cheri and I went to the appointment, we discussed some procedures and medications. Dr. Shields also asked for my e-mail and wanted to know if I would be interested in using Skype to make it easier for me to connect with him. We have been e-mailing, but we haven't done a Skype session yet.

Here is my point, Dr. Shields is a great guy, a great Doctor and God is using him to show me favor. I HAVE NO DOUBT.

Thank you Lord for using Dr. Shields

Much Love, Dennis


An old dollar bill and an even older $20 arrive at a Federal Reserve Bank to be retired.
"I've had a pretty good life," the $20 says. "I've been to Vegas, the finest restaurants in New York, and even on a Caribbean cruise."
"You did have an exciting life!" the dollar says.
"Where have you been?" the $20 asks.
"Oh, I've been to the Methodist church, the Baptist church, spent some time with the Lutherans..."
"Wait," the $20 interrupts. "What's a church?"


  1. Hey Dennis, good read on you blog always.

  2. Dennis, I am in agreement with you.........Dr. Shields is a special physician......God Bless him and you.

    Love and prayers.


  3. I loved your post Dennis! God is surely good to his children. I am glad you see this in the caring of Dr. Shields.

  4. Prayers for you, and all of your family and friends.

    God Bless.