Saved By Grace

Saved By Grace

Saturday, June 1, 2013

My Hometown

 I've been a little focused on the tornadoes lately, and the devastation that they leave behind. Today I want to change gears. Let's go back to my yard. Right now I'm watching two young squirrels frolicking in the grass about 20 feet from my window. They really get energetic when the dogs are in the house. Occasionally one of them will go over to the Ronald McDonald toy and wrestle with it, rolling around and then throwing it up in the air. My mother brought over a block of squirrel food that is approximately a 10 in. cube. It took about three days, but the squirrels have now decided that it is "purdy good grub". Yep, I'm an Okie.

The 2 Starling babies are now flying, catching their own food, but returning to the birdhouse porch to eat their prey. They are pretty much full-size, but their light gray color makes them easy to spot.

 Here is a link to the Fairview Chamber of Commerce, there are some nice pictures of some of my favorite place on Earth.

The video and information is several years old, but since then, Fairview has become a better place to live. Many of the people in the video are my friends.

Here are a couple of pictures from Google Earth.

School is out and our fairly new aquatic center is one of the main attractions for kids of all ages. Since we live close, our dogs spend a lot of time barking at those walking or riding a bicycle on their way to the pool.

I have a pretty good view of the big slide and the diving board. Google Earth is a free download and will zoom in much closer than this. These pictures were taken August 8, 2012.
This year things are much greener and the baseball and softball fields can easily be spotted. The baseball field is in the bottom center of this picture.
Much Love, Dennis

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