Saved By Grace

Saved By Grace

Monday, June 17, 2013

Thank You Heavenly Father on father's day

I had a great weekend. Saturday I attended a benefit basketball tournament to fund a scholarship in honor of Metisha Ewbank Welch. She was a wonderful young lady who is loved and missed by many. Congratulations to all of those who worked hard to make this happen.
Many of those who participated are people that I played basketball with many years ago. I spent at least an hour visiting, reminiscing, and swapping stories of years gone by.
Then Cheri and I were off to Enid. She had to pick up something from Penney. In the parking lot I spotted this car. We stopped and snapped this picture. While we were there several others stopped and took pictures or just checked out the car. It was a 1956 Ford Thunderbird hardtop.

We headed back to Fairview, just in time to visit some very good friends at small pool party. By the time we made it home, I was exhausted.

On Sunday Cheri and I went to Church services at the Fairview Fellowship home with Grandma Martha. My mother-in-law, Darla Olson, plays the piano every third Sunday and this was her week. Grandma had a great time and during some of the songs she was tapping her foot. She was smiling the whole time.

My favorite daughter, Whitney was here Sunday for Father's Day. I love my daughter. We watched some home videos from the 80's and 90's. What a weekend!

The last few weeks have been tough on my body, mainly because I had an infection and was taking some very potent antibiotics. Those shots were over Thursday and I have felt great since Friday afternoon. Thank you Jesus. What a weekend.

Much love, Dennis

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  1. Dennis, I love your posts, thank you.
    So glad you have the antibiotics done and are feeling better.

    Grandma Martha is so beautiful and please tell her, "blue is her color". No one in my family has ever had such beautiful hair, not even those that live up into their 90' is not fair. So I know all I have to look forard to is "muckley dun" drap hair color.....I don't know who made up that description but it works. Ha ha Have a wonderful day filled with blessngs.