Saved By Grace

Saved By Grace

Saturday, June 29, 2013

My Two Dads

After the Thursday evening windstorm in Fairview we had two fairly large tree branches in our yard. Fortunately neither did any property damage. The larger was about 4 inches in diameter and missed our garage by about 2 feet. The second one was only about one inch in diameter and fell between our house and our fence. They could have easily have landed in caused damage but did not.  PTL
Friday morning my dad came over as is our routine and helped my mother-in-law get me up and into the chair. The branches stuck out like a sore thumb because of their size. After getting me "up and going" and without any mention of the near disaster, he grabbed a tree saw and proceeded to cut the debris into small manageable pieces and carried them to the alley. After lunch I thanked him and found out that he had already made arrangements to have the pile to be hauled off. I know God has blessed me in many ways. This is just another example of love expressed by my earthly father and my heavenly father.
Much love, Dennis

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