Saved By Grace

Saved By Grace

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


This week has been very busy for me. Our dishwasher finally bit the dust and because there are no places locally to purchase one, Cheri, myself, and Darla (Cheri's mother) went to Enid to shop for a new one. We found one that Darla liked (she is in charge of the dishwasher) and it was on sale. They did not have the white in stock so we ordered it. When the clerk rang up the transaction we found out that it had an additional $100 discount. I can tell you from experience that God grants favor much more than most people realize. Some may call it luck, but I know in my heart that God deserves the praise in that circumstance.

My daughter, Whitney was married in Stillwater on Monday. Her plan was for a very small group of parents and a couple of friends to witness the signing of a wedding license and for that to be a secret until she was under less stress. She is currently getting ready for her Respiratory Therapy board examination. She wanted to have a Church wedding in the fall. However, secrets in today's world of social media are taboo. The facts are Whitney and Nick are married. They have been dating for over four years and engaged for about six months. I am very proud to announce that I still have a daughter and now I have a son-in-law.

On Tuesday I had a dental appointment with my favorite Dentist and her awesome staff. Some of you may have noticed that I had a chipped front tooth. June, my dentist, made me pretty again. Those were her words, not mine.   :-)  When I go to the dentist it is a treat, because of the casual atmosphere and joyful attitude that fills June's office.

I got to visit with Andy Shewey Tuesday afternoon, he's an old friend from my basketball days. GOOD TIMES

On Thursday I will be going to a pool party with some of my closest friends. I know that it will be a good day filled with food, fun, and fellowship.
I may have to add to this post later, because there are still Friday and Saturday left in this week.

The family of elderly man with heart problems found out that he had just won several million dollars in the lottery. They were concerned that the shock of the good news might be too much for his heart to handle. Their pastor volunteered to try and break the news to him in a manner that would keep him calm. The clergyman slowly and gently explained what had occurred and the elderly man took the news well. He then said this this is one the greatest things that has ever happened to him. God has truly blessed me and I'm giving half of this to the church, to which the pastor grabbed his heart and fell over dead.
It is, just a joke. :-)

Much love, Dennis

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