Saved By Grace

Saved By Grace

Thursday, July 18, 2013

job training

I have been working at a project called Pool Studios. It is something that I am able to do online. Basically it is a course in computer-animated drawing. It requires specific software that will change two-dimensional drawings into simulated 3-D. It is similar to Photoshop, something that I have a very small ability to perform. I have ran into a few challenges because of the way that my hands-free system works. This is something that the Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitative Services (DRS) has been helping me with. They work with people, like me, to try and reenter the workforce. The people at Pool Studios have allowed me to use a temporary version of their software so that I can train at my own pace.  I am starting to see some of the fruits of my labor, and it is rewarding.

I have something that I would like for everyone to try. It is something that I saw on a program called Brain Games.

Pick a number, 1 through 5
multiply that number by 9… 
That is 1x9 = 9
2 x9=18
Now add those digits together … for example 2+7
Next subtract 5
Now take your number and assign a letter of the alphabet… 1-A ...2-B …3-C  and so on
Think of a country that starts with your letter
Now take the last letter of the country that you thought of and think of an animal that starts with that last letter
Now take the last letter of the animal you thought of and think about a color.
You should now have a Country, Animal, and a Color.
Scroll down to find out your answer!

Much Love, Dennis


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  1. WOW! If I had not been an army wife I would have matched all three.........I had Olive Drab, Kangaroo and Denmark........I guess I ironed too many fatigues.....

    Love and prayers.