Saved By Grace

Saved By Grace

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Favor of God

Blessing #1
My diaphragm pacer requires a special battery that Cheri has to order. They are normally $15-$20 each and they last 22 days. She thought she would check out eBay to see if anyone sold those specific batteries. She found an auction with the batteries and bid $10 and won the auction and was able to order what she thought was five batteries at $10 each. Her order arrived yesterday and there were 25 batteries. She knew that she had only paid $50 so she sent an e-mail to the seller and he said, what you were bidding on was a pack of five batteries, you had the high bid and you ordered five packages. So now we have 25 spare batteries and they ended up costing us two dollars each. What a blessing from God.

Blessing #2
On Monday I had a doctors appointment at St. Mary's in Enid. My dad and I were on our way home and about 3 miles east of Ringwood. Suddenly we felt a bump and heard a thud, neither of us saw anything in the road. Just as we reached Ringwood the low tire light came on so we headed down Main Street. There is no place in Ringwood for tire repair. I knew that Hamm and Phillips had a tire machine and I still know several people there and was sure that they would help us out. We turned and started for their shop. About three blocks away the tire went completely flat and my dad pulled into a vacant lot with an old driveway and shade tree. We were right across the street from Dee Nightengale, the mother of one of my friends. She saw us and asked if we needed some help. Dad said that we probably could use some help because the jack was not working well. Dee said her neighbor was on his way. Her neighbor is Buddy Briley, someone that I used to play basketball and softball with. Within 5 min. of us stopping Buddy brought over a wheelbarrow with a floor jack and a lug wrench. He had the tires changed out in less than 5 min., however our spare tire was low. He said I have an air compressor, just pull into my driveway and I will air up your spare. We tried to pay, but Buddy refused. We were on the road in less than 25 min. and that included me visiting with Buddy for a few minutes. I told my dad and Buddy that these circumstances are not luck, God put us in the right place at the right time.
 We found out today that all four tires were weather checked and the other three were likely to do the same in the near future. Even though we were not expecting to buy four new tires, we were blessed because this will keep us from being stranded on one of the several road trips that Cheri and I are planning in the near future.

PEOPLE, These things don't just materialize on their own, God orchestrates circumstances.

A man in Arkansas has a flat tire, pulls off on the side of the road, and proceeds to put a bouquet of flowers in front of the car and one behind it.

Then he gets back in the car to wait. A passerby studies the scene and is so curious he turns around and goes back. He asks the fellow what the problem is.

The man replies, 'I have a flat tire.' The passerby asked, 'But what's with the flowers?'

The man responded, 'When you break down they tell you to put flares in the front and flares in the back. Hey, it don't make no sense to me neither.'

Much love, Dennis

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  1. Praise God! And I love, love, love the "flares" story..........and yes that is the correct pronunciation.

    Love and prayers.