Saved By Grace

Saved By Grace

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I have a long time friend that I've never discussed on my blog. We communicate on Facebook several times a week, but in the last year he has stopped by many times. I consider him to be a mentor and a great example of a godly man. He bought my ticket and made arrangements for me to go Dallas, Texas and attend a Promise Keepers meeting in 1994. I think we had seven people in his suburban on that trip. That was a growth spurt in my spiritual life and walk with God. We have been in several Bible studys and have worked on a few outreach projects together. He has gone out of his way on many occasions to help out people in need as well using many of those times to witness. I'm sure that God looks down at him sometimes and says "Atta Boy". 
He brought his grandson, Jake, over last week and we had a good time. Jake got to see some of my squirrels in action.  A couple of days later Garen brought a big block of squirrel food. I've seen three squirrels scrunched together all gnawing on that 8 inch cube.
Garen has a keen sense of humor, a wealth of intellect and a vast amount of wisdom. One of the things that Garen has taught me is how to pick your battles. Maybe I should rephrase that, I understand his teaching, but I haven't mastered the technique [yet].  Having mentors/friends are a blessing.

Did I mention that he has a good sense of humor ?

A young boy asked his grandmother:  How old are you?
Grandmother said:  You're not supposed to ask!
Boy:  Grandma, How much you weigh?
Grandmother said:  You don't need to know that!
Boy:  Grandma I found your drivers license. I know that you are 62 years old, you weigh 160 lbs. And

you got an " F " in sex.

Much Love, Dennis

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