Saved By Grace

Saved By Grace

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Sunday

Had an awesome day yesterday. I'm feeling pretty good and the weather outside was great. Church was nearly full. We had 29 for children's church plus several too young to even go up. My great niece Olivia proved that she was going to be a runner, just like her mom Randi Lackey. She went up front with her dad, Oliver and then proceeded to make several trips from the front to the back of the church. Just like a lot of churches people sit in the same area weekly, but I noticed several people in different spots because of the extra's showing up for Easter Sunday. I sat next to a whole row of Carlisle/Wedel's. I really enjoyed pastor Rich's statement as we got started. He said "I realize it's not in the bulletin but we will be having church at the same time next week also." He got a mixed reaction of laughter and guilty chuckles.

I got to see several people that I haven't seen in a while. Kevin Smith is a basketball buddy from back in the 80s until 2006. I see him at church on a regular basis, but I got to see his oldest daughter and her child as well as his son Tyrone. I've always liked the Smith family because, basically, what's not to like. They are all even-tempered, full of smiles and brainiacs; I mean that in a good way. Kevin has a daughter who is a lawyer, one who is a pharmacist and Tyrone who is actually a rocket scientist. If I remember correctly he works for Cessna in Wichita, Kansas. Tyrone is about 6 foot 3 inches tall. He was a good high school basketball player, but a little bit of a late bloomer physically. He would come back from college to play basketball and it was interesting watching him outplay many of the kids who got more time on the court than he did. I played basketball with a lot of kids that fit that mold. My daughter Whitney was in Tyrone's class so I got to tell him that she was now engaged. I also got to meet Tyrone's girlfriend and it didn't surprise me that she was also into aeronautical engineering.

Christmas and Easter are definitely good times to gather to worship, but I believe that we should worship, seven days a week and when possible, gather at least once a week to have fellowship with those who believe as we do.
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beaucoup d'amour, Dennis

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