Saved By Grace

Saved By Grace

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Roller Coaster

The last six days have been like a roller coaster. Highs, lows, and curves. I'm learning lessons, one of them is the power of prayer. Thank you to all of my prayer warriors. My rehab doctor from Enid, called on Skype yesterday to ask me how I was doing. I let him know about the pain and we discussed some options. He then introduced me to another one of his patients.  I didn't understand the reason for the introduction until later in the evening. I believe that she was needing some inspiration and he was hoping that I would be someone that could set a good example for her. I realized that I could have done a better job. I've been challenged to rise to a higher level. 

In light of some of the "big brother" allegations concerning unauthorized listening, I certainly hope they didn't hear part of the conversation I had with my mother on Monday. Cheri and I (okay, I admit it was Cheri) gave my mother a potted plant for Mothers Day on Sunday. I asked my mom if she liked the gift. She said the flowers were nice, but she really liked the pot. I told her that, taken out of context, that statement could make some tabloid reporters happy. I'm talking about the part where she said "I really liked the pot".
I know that my mother and I are not near famous enough to have the government or paparazzi listing in on our conversations, but I'm sure that there are people whose words have been used out of context to make them look bad. God is very important, and people do that with his words consistently.

Much Love, Dennis


  1. Dennis - Never doubt your ability to encourage or question that your "job performance" was not sufficient. God uses our most feeble efforts and our poorest attempts to encourage others. I have often found that when I thought I was at my worst while trying to help someone was considered by that person to be most helpful.
    When you get to heaven and that DVD of your life is played for you, you will be amazed at the encouragement you have been to hundreds of folks.
    I'm surprised that your mom is such a fan of pot.

    1. Thanks Garen, your wisdom in matters like this mean a lot to me.
      As for my mother, I guess this has been going on for years. I'm beginning to wonder about her frequent trips to Pottery Barn.

  2. Dennis, You and Cheri are role models for so very, very many people.

    It is not the hand you are dealt, but how you play it, that makes a differance......and y'all a certainly making a differance, all for the good of God, for so many...........including me.

    Love and prayers.