Saved By Grace

Saved By Grace

Monday, May 20, 2013


Tornadoes in our part of North America are not unusual. Having a plan ahead of time is something that most of us were taught since our youth. We know to listen to the weatherman whenever possible and to keep our eyes on the sky. Last night was a rough time for many in Oklahoma. As far as I know there were two people who lost their lives and many injured. I have a couple of friends from the Shawnee, Oklahoma area that were very close to the path of the tornado. Thankfully, they are just fine. There was a tremendous amount of property damage. Property is something that can be replaced, most people have insurance and that eases the pain. Wouldn't it be nice if we had insurance and somebody else paid the premiums. I'll preach that sermon some other time. We have a plan at our house, but that doesn't mean it's foolproof. Here's a short clip of some of the devastation near Shawnee immediately after the disaster.
I'm listening to the television as I'm writing this, and there are tornadoes on the ground again today. I'm hearing them talk about the city of Moore, Paul's Valley and Meeker. What they are saying is not good. Please pray for the safety of those affected.

One of the desires of my heart is to be available to help clean up after disasters like this, displaying God's love, dispensing God's Word and being a good Ambassador for Christ.
Much Love, Dennis

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  1. My employees and I went to help in the May 3 Bridge Creek tornado. It was very humbling but rewarding. Your contribution can be to pray for the hard-working volunteers - for their safety and fortitude as they encourage those whose lives have been shattered. Also, keep sharing the word that the most needed supply is cash for the victims. That can go to the Red Cross. Garen